The purpose of CBEM’s Assessment Program is to put forth a detailed assessment for adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities that entails information regarding necessity and sufficiency, of the services currently in place or those being proposed, which also meet the choices and needs of the client.

CBEM provides assessments across a number of domains that the consumer accesses on a daily, weekly or monthly basis through a detailed report of individual skills. CBEM will work in collaboration with the client and their circle of support to assess individual abilities and support needs. The primary goal of CBEM’s Assessments is to provide Regional Centers with information that is representative of the client’s current level of functioning and need for support as well as their individual abilities, interests, strengths, and preferences. In conjunction with the clients and their circle of support, the planning team may use the data to guide decisions regarding the client’s living options and support services.

A collaborative approach is utilized throughout the process of gathering information for the assessment. The consumer, family members, and those who support the consumer are all welcome to participate in each step of the process. We find that this collaboration (team approach) consistently leads to the production of the most comprehensive assessments.

Assessment Service FAQs

CBEM offers Whole Person Assessments, Independent (SLS) Assessments, and Comprehensive Assessments to various California regional centers. The Assessment Service provides objective, thorough third-person assessment reports to California regional centers in order to support each individual’s planning team in identifying the least restrictive, most appropriate living environment available based on the level and type of support needed by the individual being assessed.

CBEM utilizes an internal assessment tool to organize and report assessment information gathered through face-to-face observations, data collection, and telephone interviews. Internal assessment tools are developed for each assessment through coordination with regional centers and adherence to legislative requirements.

CBEM’s Assessment Service is available to individuals with developmental disabilities receiving services from Alta Regional Center, North Bay Regional Center, Regional Center of the East Bay, and Golden Gate Regional Center. Some of the individuals who use these services include individuals exploring independent or supported living services, individuals who already receive high levels of support from SLS, and individuals who require assessment as a stipulation of AB1472 to determine the types of community-based services and supports available to individuals currently living in a Mental Health Rehabilitation Center, Developmental Center or other facility.

CBEM is currently providing Assessment Services through our collaboration with the following California Regional Centers:

  • North Bay Regional Center
  • Golden Gate Regional Center
  • Regional Center of the East Bay

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CBEM’s Assessment Service includes no less than three hours of face-to-face observation and a total of approximately ten hours of assessment, interviews, and data collection on-site where the individual resides, in addition to record review and telephone interviews. All assessors are employees of CBEM who require TB testing, background clearance, fingerprinting and receive direct training, supervision, and support on an ongoing basis by the Assessment Program Coordinator.

If you are interested in requesting an assessment, please contact CBEM’s Assessment Program Coordinator at 916-335-8105 or