weiheWeihe Huang is a board certified behavior analyst at doctoral level (BCBA-D). Dr. Huang has been working with individuals with developmental disabilities since 1994. His experience in the fields of applied behavior analysis (ABA) and developmental disabilities cuts across clinical service, teaching, and research. Prior to joining the CBEM team, Dr. Huang served as the behavior analyst at the Regional Center of the East Bay for 16 years. In this position, he provided behavioral supports to clients with developmental disabilities in two counties and professional training for service providers working with them. Dr. Huang has been teaching applied behavior analysis courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels in several universities. In addition, he has also been actively disseminating ABA-related knowledge and skills in China. To date, Dr. Huang has published eight research papers on various aspects of developmental disabilities in peer-reviewed journals and several books on evidence-based interventions for autism.

Contribution to CBEM

CBEM honors clients with developmental disabilities by providing them with evidence-based interventions. This mission allows Dr. Huang to continue his passions in applied behavior analysis and interventions for autism and other developmental disabilities. His current goals include training CBEM staff on naturalistic ABA interventions for individuals with autism (PRT), promoting culturally and linguistically sensitive services to clients with diverse backgrounds, and developing a learning center for CBEM