Renee Azevedo


Renee AzevedoRenee’s career path working with individuals with developmental disabilities was carved out early on when she became a volunteer in 1997at a California state preschool through a work program at her high school. This experience promted her to seek out work in a group home for developmentally disabled adults . After several years working with this population, Renee obtained a position as an inclusion aid in a San Diego Middle School working with youth once again as integrative play therapy guide. Renee applied her personal interest and experience in this line of work toward. As part of her undergraduate program at SDSU, Renee took on two internships as a Family Home Agency case manager at special education programs

After obtaining her Master’s Degree in Counseling Education at California Statue University, Sacramento, Renee had the life changing experience of working in with the youth of Malawi Africa as a 2nd grade teacher. Upon her return to the United States, she continued her work helping individuals with disabilities, as working as a mental health therapist for over 4 years in Sacramento County

CBEM Contributions

Renee’s life work thus far exemplified her passion for supporting people in being independent and fulfilled and in accordance to their personal choice and ability in the least restrictive environment possible. It is this proven dedication combined with a strong in direct supportcase management blended with mental health background as a LMFT to help CBEM consultants produce thorough, objective, and relevant community-based assessments.

Renee feels that the people she has had the honor of working with as “clients” have taught her as much, if not more about being a person of integrity, authenticity, creativity and strength as she has them. She looks forward to many more years at CBEM serving people with developmental disabilities and their families in increasingly inclusive, innovative, compassionate, and effective ways. Renee’s views her work as a small token of gratitude for these people who have had such a positive impact on her life.


When I’m not working, I climb at the local rock climbing gym, spend time with the people I love, and try to take ever opportunity I can to be outside hiking, camping, on the water, in the snow or otherwise enjoying what nature has to teach me.